Poll Shows Alabama Conservatives Want Energy Freedom, Not Status Quo

WPA Intelligence released a poll in late 2019 that shows Alabama voters, especially conservative voters, support energy freedom and more renewable options in their energy mix.

A few key findings:

  • 75% of voters favor energy freedom in Alabama, by allowing large utility consumers, like businesses, to purchase renewable energy outside of the main utility, when the utility does not offer renewable options.
  • However, even more (87%) believe that public utilities should lead the way in developing renewable energy options.
  • 44% of voters feel energy costs in Alabama are too expensive, compared to only 10% who feel they are not expensive.
  • 90% of voters believe that property owner’s rights (and their ability to produce energy on their property) are important to developing energy policy.
  • 81% of Alabama voters (including 43% of Alabama Republic voters) support the development of clean energy like wind and solar in Alabama.
  • The majority (56%) of GOPers and conservatives say clean energy initiatives are important to the state’s economy.

Read the poll for yourself. Please don’t just accept our word for it.

Alabamians want energy freedom. Period.

View the 2020 poll