Alabamians Want
Energy Freedom

Energy freedom can only happen if the Alabama legislature takes action.
Click on the link below to make your voice heard. You want energy freedom!

Tell us why you want energy freedom!Alabamians Want
Energy Freedom

We believe you should have the right to purchase energy from anyone you want.

Third-party ownership enables this type of energy freedom for families across the state. It’s already legal in nearly 30 states including South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia, and it’s time to bring energy freedom to Alabama.

For Alabamians who want to install renewable or alternative energy generation facilities – like solar arrays – on their properties, third party ownership means: 

  • Low to zero upfront costs
  • Lower electric bills from day one
  • Locked-in long-term affordable electricity rates
  • No utility rate hikes
  • Stable monthly budgets

For our state, third party ownership will bring new benefits to help Alabama thrive, by:

  • Creating good local jobs
  • Protecting private property rights
  • Encouraging homegrown entrepreneurship
  • Boosting the state’s growing renewable energy industry

Increased freedom, competition, and strengthened markets. That’s good policy. 

Energy Freedom Alabama is a Coalition of: